Onis Visa BiGFOX

The Bright Soul of the Power

New engines

5 different powers:

20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 kVA.


A new smart compact design

to stacked the FOX

(one on top of the other)

New Concept

The best performances

at the best price.

Onis Visa BiG FOX

FOX serie gensets’ family gets bigger. Thanks to the new born BiG FOX, Visa’s smartest range expands its own power up to 60.0 kVA, while always maintaining the specific features: compact and sturdy, low noise level and extremely versatile!

Available from 20.0 to 60.0 kVA, the BiG FOX can fully satisfy everyone’s needs.

Suitable for continuous or emergency service, for civil or industrial use, BiG FOX represents a reliable solution for all those projects where power as well as compact size are required.

A wide choice of optional accessories is available to fully customize your BiG FOX version.


Engines’ brands change,  canopies evolve, yet ONIS VISA generating sets’ main feature remains unchanged. Also the BiG FOX range grants an extremely high level noise reduction


Thanks to the canopy’s totally removable panels, the BiG FOX range is, among the ONIS VISA electricity generators  the most accessible one.

Regular checks, as well as all maintenance operations have never been so simple!


The production process of any ONIS VISA generating set is full of checks and tests, starting from the row materials, to the different steps of assembly, up  to the final test to which the machine is submitted. Quality is not an optional.

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Technical Features

BiG FOX dimension:

Length:       2025 mm - 79,8 inch (2240 mm FOR D62)

Width:           945 mm - 37,2 inch)

Height:        1295 mm - 50,9 inch)


Engine and Alternator

The engine-alternator coupling represents the heart of an Onis Visa genset.

Visa has always cooperated with the most qualified manufacturers to provide the perfect coupling and offer a product that aims at the highest quality standards.

The BiG FOX is equipped with engines manufactured by German company Deutz, coupled with Stamford alternators.

On www.visa.it is the list of the currently available combinations.



- All the baseframe parts are made from top quality S235JR steel in accordance with UNI EN 10025-95 and subjected to strict seal tests before assembly

- Each part is painted with thermosetting powder with a specifically selected polyester resin base to make them highly resistant to atmospheric agents; the pigments are distinguished by very high stability against light and heat.

- Engine anti-vibration system: crossbeams fitted with fuel and lubricant-resistant vulcanised rubber anti-vibration mounts are bolted onto the baseframe.

- It is easily handled with a forklift (90 mm elevated above the ground)

- Set up for draining oil without the use of additional oil pump

- Cables outlet in the back side , closed by a rubber cap, as well as in the bottom (precut outlet)

- Sleeves for free automatic loading system;

- Sleeves of connection to the supply circuit of the motor;

- Sump with float predisposition leak detection (optional) in all versions

- Stoppers bottom for emptying and cleaning the tank.


- The canopies are built from modular elements that are assembled together using special structural rivets; this technique has eliminated the need for welding and allows each part to be fully coated with paint prior to assembly, so as to exclude the possible formation of oxide on the attachment points of the various parts, in addition to providing absolute rigidity of the structure;

- 4 doors allowing a total access between radiator and alternator, on both sides;

- Removable front and back panels;

- Higher, to allow access to the engine’s upper part;

- Roof with central reinforcement to reduce vibrations;

- Oversised air intakes: upper grid, back grid, on extension L 240 mm (D62);

- Large soundproofing air openings: the air intake is located in the back, avoiding the recirculation of hot air that is expelled from the front top part of the canopy;

- Sound-insulated canopy made with galvanised and painted sheet metal;

- Automobile-type gasket with steel core;

- Rain cap;

- Key-locks reinforced doors;

Fuel tank

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- Capacity 90 liters corresponding to 8.5 working hours at 75% PRP for model D62  (6 hours at 100%)

Additional removable and stackable fuel tank, allowing space to be optimized for transport

- Possibility to get an oversised integrated fuel tank of 600 liters (optional) and, on request, even 1000/2500 liters

- Additional fuel level sensors

- Tank breathing

- Automatic fuel loading system

Control panel

Guard Evolution Man: - Manual Version

The new BiG FOX series provides the well tested and reliable "Guard Evolution Man" specifically designed and manufactured by Visa S.p.A. for the control and security of the generators. The main features are:

- Clarity of communication via a large display;

- Ability to automatic analysis through sophisticated algorithms;

- Complete measures of engine parameters and electrical systems;

- Possibility to expand several communication modules and a wide range of protocols;


Other versions of control panel available (as optional)


Guard Evolution Auto: - Automatic Version

In addition to the features of the manual version, the automatic control panel has the following features:

- Automatic management in case of power failure

- Automatic management  of the switchgear Mains / Genset


Guard Touch:

The new control panel with touch screen technology can be used both in manual and automatic mode, allows you to fully manage Generator Onis Visa in all its features.

It is also possible (through add-on packages) to monitor, schedule and control the genset  directly from your PC or remotely through a serial port, LAN, Internet or SMS, thanks to special software.

Learn more about Guard Touch


The exhaust pipes inside the canopy are insulated with special padding made with insulating mineral fibre material that resists temperatures exceeding 500°C and minimises the amount of heat inside the canopy.

Lifting points

- Lifting points in all 4 sides

- Overlapping for delivery



Double layer of the BiG FOX is allowed. In fact, the dimensions have been optimised to allow 12 units x 2 = 24 units per 40' HC container


Extra optional accessories available:

- Preheater

- Low lube oil level shotdown “Murphy”

- Fuel pre-filter

- Additional sockets

- Automatic control panel / Guard Touch panel / In-Sych panel


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